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When I created the Chyc Cirle, my vision was to create a circle of entrepreneurs that can share their trials and tribulations along with their wins and successes with other like minded entrepreneurs. Owning a business, whether you are new to it, seasoned, or still aspriing is NOT easy! Hearing the stories of others who have been where you are now is sometimes just as important as learning the technical aspect of running your own online business. I want to provide the technical information, but also create a community of doers that has access to each other for needed products and services, motivation, and insight as well. At the end of the day it's mind over matter in this game. It's not easy but if you are determined and focus, you will win!


- Brandy Kennedy, CSDM


- Share your story

- Share an obstacle or problem you dealt with as an entrepreneur that you overcame.

- Share a social media, marketing, or tech trip or info

- Please submit your entry on a Word doc.

- Include your name, your business name, a 3-6 sentence bio, and any social media and website links.


***All submissions are subject to review. Submitting your content gives CSDM permission to post it "as is" without editing. 


The Chyc Entrepreneur Spotlight is reserved for entrepreneurs who are setting the bar and setting the example of what it means to be a "Chyc Entrepreneur"! 


Please submit the following to be considered for a free feature.


- Your Business Name

- Your website

- All of your social media handles

- A brief description of your business


***This exclusive feature may be subject to a fee and is completely at the discretion of CSDM management. Chyc Entrepreneur Spotlight features will be heavily promoted and shared over all of CSDM's platforms.


As a small business, we recognize the importance of shopping small, but we have to go a step further and share these sometimes hidden gems with each other! iSupport is initiative started by CSDM to highlight products and services of other small businesses. "These are brands that I personally use, can vouch for, and love!" -Brandy Kennedy.


To have your product reviewed and featured, fill out the form below.