Don't Be A Square! Is Your E-Business Well Rounded?

I spend much of my time researching and observing the market. There are so many e-boutiques; there is no possible way to keep an eye on all of them. I tend to watch those in which are booming all around. What does that mean? A small business that understands how to use as many free recourse as possible to maximize it earning potential are those that will last.

Some business owners believe that it is not necessary to have an account on every social media platform or to not even have a viable website, and to them I say good luck. If you are a running a one-man show and plan to keep it that way forever, that may work, but to expand, you have to adapt and evolve. Some people just want to fight the fact that technology is changing the shape of commerce in a major way and those who don't catch on now will be left in the dust later. On the flip side, I understand, but I too, have evolved. I remember when Instagram first debuted. I was so reluctant to register an account, because I didn't know if it was going to be another fly by night fad. Some 5 years later and it's one of the largest social media platform that is now integrated into million's of e-boutique websites. Now just to think if I hadn’t of waited 6 months to register an account, I would be 6 month ahead of where I am now, but hey; lesson learned.

As a e-boutique owner, you must strive to do two things; stay ahead of the curve and evolve and transition into your next better move as easily as possible. The moment you get comfortable, you aren't growing.

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