Website Lurking: 3 Metrics You Should Be Watching

If you are not tracking your analytic or the data collected to let you know what your website's are doing on your website, you are missing out on some valuable information that could improve your customers experience, increase your sales, and you could possible learn more about your target market. Below are three metrics you should be watching if you are a beginning and don't know where to start.

  • Bounce Rate: the percentage of single-page visits. It's the visits in which the person left your site from the entrance page without interacting with the page. The visitor comes to your site, scans the page and "bounces" from your website or blog.

How knowing this can help you: Using this feature you can see the exact point where visitors are leaving your site and how they are coming in. If your visitors are coming onto your website on your homepage and not going any further, you may need to tweak your homepage to promote visitors to roam your site content more.

  • Visit Duration: refers to how long a visitor stays on a page of your website or blog. This can be tracked on every page or product. You can see how long a person stayed on a single page or for the bloggers, how long they stayed on a particular article.

How knowing this can help you: If a visitor is spend a lot of time on your website, then you know for a fact that they are engaged. If a page is getting visitors, but they are not staying on that page long, once again you might want to make some improvements.

  • Returning Visitors: provides the ratio of new to returning visitors by number of visits and percentage of visits. This lets you know how many first time visitors you have and how many are visiting your site on multiple occasions.

How know this can help you: Knowing this info can let you know how your existing campaign is working in reaching new visitors. It can also let you know if you content is engaging enough to compel your visitors to come back for more.

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