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Build Your Network, It Equals Your Net Worth

Build...build...build...In starting a business or brand, your circle is vital in building your foundation. Learn the end goals of everyone in your circle. Learn what makes them tick. Learn what they value and what they don't and most importantly make sure they are invested in your vision and your want to win. Surround yourself with people that are well versed in business, that are educated and driven in different aspects of their lives. If a person has never worked hard for themselves it's is hard to imagine that they will work hard for you. With that being said, don't collaborate or bring someone into your circle and not invest in them and their talents. When you invest in your circle in a way that stimulates them, they will take heed and it will manifest into your business. Even if one person leaves or doesn't stick around for the long haul your actions never go unnoticed and there will always be some waiting to fill that role if you make it appealing enough. Don't be afraid to help those in your circle grow. If you are the only one growing you will find yourself alone and overworked without a network of doers on your team.

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