How I Made $16,000 Online In My First Year? read that right! I made $16,000 in online sales within my first year in business, while working a full time job! How did I do it? Hard work, dedication, etc,...all that plus some applied knowledge and research proved to be a winning combination.

In 2011, I created my first online boutique. I sold jewelry and evenyually I added clothing and shoes that I purchased from local designers and wholesalers at a wholesale price. I initially invested $300 in product. At the time, I did not know much about websites, and Instagram was fairly new, but I took a stab at it anyway. My first website was a dud. It was plain and had very little flair and there was a complete lack in a brand identity. A few weeks into spreading the word, a friend told me about a web hosting platform that she thought might be easier for me to use. I tried and it I loved it. I worked day and night on that website until I felt it was good enough to present to the public.

After taking care of my website, I formulated a plan. At the time, I didn't refer to it as a business plan or a marketing plan, but that is what it was. I wrote out my goals and how I would reach them. I kept things pretty simple, but I made sure that I had milestones and ways to track my progress.

Social media was vital in my success. I utilized Facebook and Instagram morning, noon, and night. In 2011, a lot of the features that we now have were not available so there was a lot of organic posting and genuine interaction with my growing following.

My breakthrough came when, I started doing collaborations with influencers and youtubers on different social media platforms. I would pay them to advertise my website and my products. I seen a large increase in my sales at this time.

I also learned very quickly, the importance of setting my pricing correctly in order to get a return on investment and earn a profit.

So my advice:

1. Create a business plan

2. Learn to create a website or have one built for your business

3. Set your prices correctly

4. Market your product constantly

5. Don't Quit!

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