5 Positive Affirmations For The Chyc Entrepreneur

Sometimes all you need a push in the right direction! Hearing a positive message is always great but you should be able to speak a positive message to yourself. Lets face it, there may come a time that you don't have a group of cheerleaders in your corner pushing you when you may want to give up or when you are feeling lost. Learn early in business and in life- NO, learn right now to be your own biggest cheerleader. Wake up everyday and speak greatness to yourself. Look in the mirror and know that you are great and that are worthy of greatness. Speak positively about your goals, yourself, your relationships and your business. Cast down negative thoughts immediately. Your thoughts are like seeds, which become actions that manifest results and situations in your life. So, if there is something that you want to change, improve, or remove from your life, it all has to start with your thoughts. It takes practice to become a positive thinker and in turn become a positive person who yields positive actions. You can't be a negative thinker and think that positive things will happen. If you are thinking negative thoughts about your capabilities or your goals, how can you expect them to flourish? You can't be the first person to cut down your dreams when it is your job to build them up! You are blessed in some way and in many cases when you feel that you lacking in an area in your business, it is not a physical lacking. It is a lack of perception. You are seeing things from one perception versus shifting your perception when your current view point isn't clear.

"Shift your perception to change your reality"

Many times our perception or view point is driven by what we want and not what we have. You view what you have as not enough or not right so you automatically feel like it wont work or your vision won't happen. STOP IT! Learn to think positive and to work with what you have by shifting your perception (view point) to reach your goals with what you have and before you know you will have more than you need.

Say these positive affirmations to yourself repeatedly when needed. Believe them when you say them!

5 Positive Affirmations for Chyc Entreprenuers

1. 'I believe in myself. I release all of my doubts and insecurities!"

2. "I have to make mistakes to learn. My past mistakes will not dictate my future successes!"

3. " I am gifted. I will attract people who will support me and uplift my business!"

4. "I have endless opportunities coming my way. I am ready!"

5. "Money comes easily to me!"

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