You Did What? Hashtag Do's and Don'ts

What is a hashtag? To be able to fully utilize this social media tool, you need to know the basics. A hashtag is activated by the pound symbol (#) in front of any word or phrase. Once activated, the word or phrase acts as a link and makes your tweets, posts, or photos visible on a timeline containing like tweets, posts, or photos contain the one or more of the exact same hashtags. Hashtags can be a great way to share information about your business and to connect with users that have interests in a certain niche or market that pertains to your business. Hashtags also can link you to what is trending on social media, and let your tweets, posts, or photos be seen by those users who are conversing about the trending topic. Here are a few do's and don'ts to help you along the way:


  • Create unique hashtags for promotions and events

  • Use hashtags to participate in discussions about trending topics

  • Use hashtags that directly pertain to your intended message

  • Be consistent with your hashtags

  • Put thought in to your hashtags---Who are you trying to reach?


  • Over use hashtags

  • Hashtag every word in your tweet, post, or photo.

  • Use hashtags that dont relate to your post

  • Post only hashtags with no caption or original dialog

  • Forget to use hashtags

Lastly, I encourage anyone who is building a social media platform for their small business to first take time and read up on the basics of each social media network. Many of your questions can be answered there without any of the hassle of reaching out to a third party. Also, most social media networks have 1-800 numbers with help desks associated to the basics and even more upon request.

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