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Which Is More Valuable: Influence (Power) vs. Money

I launched www.chycstudio.com on March 7, 2017 and were at 3,000+ pages view with less than $100 spent on paid promotions. I share to say this: if you have a website and social media following you have the power to do more than just sell and make fast money.

You have the power to become an influencer!

If someone asked me which would I prefer to have more of, "money or influence (power)?" My answer will always be influence, because influence will bring you plenty of money making opportunities! Imagine if you had a few major influencers in your circle, who could post your product and have it sell out in hours or minutes? THAT is my goal with The Chyc Circle...I want to help create GLOBAL influencers in different industries so we can all get paid!!

What it takes to become an influencer:

Dedication, Time, and Consistency - this won't happen overnight. To influence someone to not just spend their money but to value your opinion, takes a great level of trust and commitment. Just like building any other relationship, it will time time and consistency.

Become Knowledgeable and/or Skilled - You have to have some level of knowledge or skill that is higher than your audience. If they are looking to you for information, your information has to be valuable. Even if you are just selling a certain of product, you need to know that product in and out. Being online can mask being knowledgeable in some cases, but it will differentiate sellers from influencers.

Get Connected - Sometimes it isn't what you know, it's who you know and have access to at the least. With the power of social media and the internet, networking is as simple as an email, tag, or tweet. Reach out and start talking to people outside of your immediate circle.

Create a Solid Brand Identity - Your business and your brand are two totally different things. Make sure your brand is established, recognizable, and reputable.