4 Ways to Prevent Procrastination

I know I know… You think fear is holding you back. You don’t think you have enough

resources. You don’t have the support… What if you fail?!

But the truth is, this all a nice way of saying: you’ve been procrastinating. You’ve been

waiting on the right time, the right moment, on “someday” to come. And that’s NEVER going

to happen! The right time is NEVER coming! You have to just GO FOR IT! Be honest with

yourself, and follow these 4 steps.

1. Write down the most important thing you have to accomplish today.

Harvard studies show that people who write down their goals are TEN TIMES more likely

to accomplish them.

2. Start with the hardest task first!

You’re guaranteed to have a successful day if you get the most difficult task out of the way

early. Once you get the hardest thing out of the way, the rest of the day is a cake walk!

3. Stop overthinking- Just start!

You’ve done all the research you can possibly do because you want to avoid mistakes. But

guess what… mistakes happen no matter what!

4. Follow the two minute rule:

If it takes less than two minutes to complete, do it NOW! Most success begin with a goal

that takes less than 2 minutes to accomplish. There is not a SINGLE goal that takes less than

two minutes to write down!

Don’t be a victim of your own “shoulda, coulda, woulda!”

There is so much greatness lying dormant in you that the world is waiting for.

Go show em what you got!

Felicia is a lifestyle strategist with a passion for helping women accomplish the impossible. She's taken her experience of being homeless and jobless and used it to push others into greatness for the past 6 years. She is dedicated to improving the lifestyles of others by taking them from just being alive to living life on their terms. Connect with her at www.feliciakelly.com

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