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It Costs To Be B.O.S.S.Y.

Everywhere on social media, young women are calling themselves “bosses” or saying they are “bossy”. They take selfies of their beautifully coifed hairdos, intricate nail designs, and on-fleek eyebrows while driving their foreign cars (making sure that you can see the emblem in the selfie) and say they are boss chicks who are getting their money. Kudos to them for being so beautiful and ambitious! Many of them are indeed doing big things and accomplishing their goals. However, being a real boss is about much more than looking the part and counting a few coins. Being a real boss is about having your shit together.

Most of my coaching and consulting clients have been single mompreneurs. We have the same business needs as any other entrepreneur, yet we have the added challenge of raising our children either completely or substantially on our own. Talk about having to be a boss! We have to maintain home and work, not to mention maintaining a personal life, with only two hands. The cooking, the money making, the spider-killing is all on us. We have to figure everything out. This reality gives single mommas a unique and often overlooked advantage to becoming an entrepreneur. We specialize in making things happen!

I’ve recently added a new segment to my business that focuses on guiding single mothers through entrepreneurship. Owning my own business has allowed me to have more of the two most valuable resources for my children: time and money. It has also allowed me to express myself and get paid for doing what I love. There are a lot of get-rich-quick-schemes and get-rich-in-30-days programs floating around the internet. If this is what you are looking for, click the back button now. Entrepreneurship is an investment of your time, your money, and your soul. You new business will need just about the same amount of nurturing as your child! Before you decide to take the leap into being your own boss, you first need to make sure you are indeed B.O.S.S.Y.

I don’t mean B.O.S.S.Y in the traditional sense of the word, someone who loves giving orders and is domineering. I mean it in the modern lady-handling-her business-getting-paid-while-staying-fly type of way, honey! Over the next five weeks, I will discuss the foundation that needs to be laid before you start working on building your empire, lest it crumble. I’ll work the letters of the word backwards because it will always start with…

1. YOU

Before you even think about adding to your already fully loaded plate, YOU have to be in a place to receive what you are seeking. No matter how strong your business plan is, how committed you are to your goal, how marketable your idea is, it will all fail if YOU are not in the right space.

2. Structure

Getting your family and home in line is crucial to being a single mompreneur. You are already the CEO of your family. If your home life is chaotic, guess what you are going to bring into your business? If your home life is full of love and laughter, guess what you are going to bring into your business? Any mother knows that if her child is alright, she is alright. Let’s make sure home reflects the type of leader you really are.

3. Schedule

Each day comes with 24 hours. In that small window of time, you have to pray, eat, feed the kids, clean the house, do the laundry, commute, work, read, work on your business plan, go to a doctor’s appointment, commute again, pick up a sick child from school early, help your other child with their homework, plan drinks with the girls, call your mother, get to the nail shop, wash, blow dry and flat iron your hair, clean the house again, take a shower, and read some more. Oh, and sleep. If you don’t plan out your time and set time stamped goals, you are going to run yourself ragged going in circles.

4. Office Space

Every entrepreneur needs a space to work their magic. Depending on your business, this may be an office, a craft room, a drafting table, or a corner with earphones and a microphone. This is your money making area and needs to be treated as such. You need to hook it up so it is inspirational and functional. This is YOUR space.

5. Budget

Improvement in personal finances is a huge benefit to entrepreneurship. However, if your money is out of whack when you don’t have much, don’t be fooled into thinking more money will solve the problem. Now is the perfect time to put strategies into place that will lead to financial stability and will allow you to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

I am so excited to be starting this new chapter in my business and I am going to have a blast teaching you how to get B.O.S.S.Y!

What does the word mean to you?

Until next time,

Stay Jazzy

Rachel Henderson is a single mompreneur who helps other single mothers turn their pass ion into profit, while maintaining their home. She has over 20 years experience in accounting and business, and is now focused on spreading entrepreneurship among young single mothers. Her hobbies include cooking, shopping, and making gift baskets. She lives and plays with her three boys in sunny Los Angeles, CA. Her faith and the love of her family keeps her motivated every day. For more information visit www.mzrachelzplace.com.

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