New Business Venture? Your Dream Website Can Wait!

Websites are the star of the show! and yes, they deserve all of your attention, but just not too soon! If you are brand new to online business, you shouldn't skip some very important steps in building a foundation before you buy your online real estate.

Don't jump into to getting a website built before you've built an audience and laid a foundation for your business unless you just have money to spend. Having a website is a great thing for any business, but unless it is an informational website the goal is to sell products/services. I tell people upfront before I take them on as website design an audience and create buzz long before you launch your website so that your investment is worth it. Even if you already have a standing local business understand you will be marketing to a new audience - a global audience that may receive you completely different than your local audience. Here are a few things you can do to get ready for your custom website:

1. Create or invest in a landing page. You can do so much with a landing page include sell or showcase your new products/services.

2. Utilize social media. Create business pages and send out invoices in the beginning until your sales pick up and you are learning the ropes.

2. Create a solid marketing campaign for your landing page or website launch, product release, or any promotions. Don't prepare and invest in this elaborate production to a crowd of empty seats.

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