Structure Your Home Like A Boss

Owning a business is almost like raising another child. I call Mz. Rachel’z Place the daughter I never had (I have three sons). Mz. Rachel’s Place is a needy little girl! She needs time. She needs energy. She needs guidance. She needs organization. She needs nurturing. She needs love. So does your dream business. So does your Home.

Being an entrepreneur is no cake walk, but it is worth the journey. This entire B.O.S.S.Y. series is meant to get you prepared outside of your business first because you will have to have a solid foundation if you want to build an empire. If you can’t maintain a clean and orderly home, how are you going to handle inventory and day-to-day business activities? If you can’t manage your children, how are you going to manage employees and vendors? If you can’t put an overbearing mother or a flip-flopping boyfriend in their place, how are you going to rise above your competition in the market?

Last week in Part 1, we discussed how It Starts With YOU. This weeks, let’s consider the Structure of our home.

1. Be the Queen of Your Castle

Who’s running the show: you or the kids? Set boundaries that you enforce. I’m not talking warden status but every kid should know that momma-don’t-play-that line that is not to be crossed. The kids can run the home when they get one of their own. Until then, you’re the Boss. Period.

2. Run a Tight Ship

Create a schedule and a routine that you and your children abide by. Kids eat what was cooked for dinner or they can have a banana and a smile. Choose a bedtime and stick to it. Little Johnny should not be running around the house at 11:00 p.m. Set a chore schedule for the kids that will help you out and give them a sense of responsibility. Honey, this ain’t a vacation. This is real life. Teach your children to operate in a way that makes sense to avoid chaos and to build character.

3. Keep House Like Grandma Did

A lot of our old-school grandmothers were stay at home mothers who were borderline fanatical about maintaining a clean home and having a home-cooked meal on the table every night. Fast forward a couple of generations and things have changed. Mothers are now bringing home the bacon and frying it, too. That fact does not alleviate us of two of the primary responsibilities of maintaining a household: Feed the family good and keep a clean house. Thank goodness for a Crockpot and some cleaning wipes.

4. Make Education a Priority

Going to school is a child’s job. Accept nothing less than their best. They won’t be kids forever. If you don’t want them living on your couch for their entire adult life, teach them to give it all they’ve got. Set aside time to help children with their homework if they need it. Despite being an accountant, I sometimes have to Google how to do my Jr. High-Schoolers’ math. There are countless apps available to provide extra help and advanced learning. Education doesn’t stop with the children. Make a plan to go back to school to finish your degree. Take an online course to brush up on your business skills. Knowledge is power at every turn. Let your children see you in a state of lifelong learning and they will follow.

5. Have Fun!

Cook dinner as a family. Clean the house together bumping Kendrick Lamar. Fill the bathtub with blue bubbles. HAVE FUN!! Create an atmosphere of pure love and joy at home. Fun doesn’t have to be scheduled and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Of course our kids would love to go to Disneyland every weekend. Not gonna happen? Rent a Disney movie, pop some popcorn, and bring the sleeping bags in the living room. A $3 night. Bam.

Home is our sanctuary from this crazy, busy world. It is also where we prepare our children for reality. Manage it well and you will be great at running your own business.

Until next time,

Stay Jazzy!

Mz. Rachel

Rachel Henderson is a single mompreneur who helps other single mothers turn their pass ion into profit, while maintaining their home. She has over 20 years experience in accounting and business, and is now focused on spreading entrepreneurship among young single mothers. Her hobbies include cooking, shopping, and making gift baskets. She lives and plays with her three boys in sunny Los Angeles, CA. Her faith and the love of her family keeps her motivated every day. For more information visit

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