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When I was given the vision for the Chyc Circle, it was a little overwhelming to say the least but then, by the grace of God, you are given signs through others that your vision is possible. For me, one of those signs was Yolanda Keels-Walker. She has been featured in countless publications and gained notoriety as the author who teaches stylists how to earn six figure incomes. As a mother, a salon owner, serial entrepreneur, and one of the brains behind "The Business Babes"brand, she has created a network that has served her well as she has in turn puts a major focus on serving and empowering other female entrepreneurs. Her joint venture, Business Babes boasts a membership community of 30,000+, proving that your network really is your net worth. She has her hand in so many different industries and everything she touches turns to gold. I had the privilege of picking her brain and getting some insight on how she feels about sharing her platform and more!

As a salon owner, you approach social media marketing in a unique way by sharing your platform with other female entrepreneurs. How has this benefited you thus far?

Business is relational. The more time you spend connecting and building solid relationships, whether online or in person, the better off you fair as an entrepreneur. When you support other people, it’s natural that they want to support you. Very few marketing hacks and tricks are needed when you genuinely support others.

You became successful owning your own salons, at what point did the vision to serve others in your field come about?

I went through a very messy divorce where I lost a business I built from the ground up. Not only that, but my ex-husband built a salon across the street from a salon I owned on the same block. There wasn’t a blueprint for me to get out of that situation. I was so angry for allowing myself to be put in that situation, that I vowed to “serve” my way out of it. Despite all the mistakes I made, my mishap was put to good use because I could tell people the wrong way and the right way to go about things. The more I helped others, the more things got better for me.

With all that you do and all the ventures that you’re involved in, how important is knowing how to multi-task and to prioritize everything?

I’m still learning lol, but it’s paramount. I have a routine that helps me accomplish everything I need to on a daily basis. I start my day with prayer and a to-do list from the night before. I also build my business around the type of lifestyle I want to live. As a single mom, I’ve learned to integrate my children into my salons, teach them how to behave when I have meetings, and I have a ton of tools that allow me to be productive while I travel.

You highlight in your bio that you did not attend cosmetology school, yet you have because successful in your own right in the beauty industry. What is your take on education for entrepreneurs?

Traditional education isn’t always the best route, however, you should always be a student. The way we do business today isn’t the same way we did business in 2007 or even 2016. Remain vigilant about continuing education courses and self-development and learn to work smarter.

If you could give any advice to another female entrepreneur who is just starting out, what would it be?

Start. Just start.

What are your future goals for Business Babes and how can people support your movement?

Our biggest mission is to help women grow their brands, and we’re doing that, so I’m content. I think that people can help support us by contributing and partnering. We take collaboration serious and we’re always down to work with other like minded brands.

Yolanda Keels-Walker at www.yolandakeelswalker.com

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