60 Day Progress Report + Word Of Advice

60 Day Analytics Check + Goals

Yay!! It's been 2 months since I launched Chyc Studio Digital Marketing and it's been a roller coaster ride thus far, but I am loving it! Ever since, I decided to close the doors on my first online business Beez Trendy Treasures + BTT Trend Talk, I have been longing to return to my passion: online business. But if you know like I know, the way to ensure that you are going to stay committed and put your best foot forward is to do what you are passionate about. My love for blogging, teaching, motivation, technology, and online sales have all come together to create this brand that I am just so in love with and thankful for.

Starting Over

The thought of starting another business all over from the beginning was a little daunting at first, but I took it on as a challenge. If I am as good as I think I am at starting an online business and branding, let's see if I can outdo my first online business. So along with running this online business I am steadily tracking it's progress in hopes to outgrow and out earn my previous business and in turn teach my Chyc Entrepreneurs how to do the same. So every few months, I will be sharing my analytics via the blog as I do from time to time on my social media accounts. Sharing my analytics is my way of sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly with my audience. It will be great to show you all the money I'm going to be making 2 or 3 years from now, but it's the struggle and small beginnings that I want to share with my audience, so that all of the new entrepreneurs are not discouraged when they don't see the results that they may have been hoping for right out of the gate.

Analytics Check...

***Please note, I ran a 30 day landing page or coming soon page before launching chycstudio.com so all data reflects from the date the landing page went live on Feb 10th.

My goal was to have reached 10,000 page views in 60 days but we fell a little short so we have to make up for that in the next 60 days in order to hit 20,000 views.

Our returning visitors are on the uptick!! I would love to see 50% or more of the website's visitor be returning visitors.

Our bounce rate is average so I am looking to see that number improve over time as well.

***I do not use the page value feature at this time.

This is the run down of our top ten most viewed website pages. #1 is the home page which is our most viewed page and our #1 landing page as well. My best selling product "E-boutique QuickStart: Business Plan Builder" is our 4th most viewed page. My "From Content To Creative Class" comes in at our 7th most top viewed page which is amazing because that class only became available on May 1st

Im really happy to see that the products and classes are the most top viewed. It lets me know that they are piquing the interest of my audience.

Instagram is still our biggest source of incoming traffic with Facebook being #2.

We've reached over 20 different countries which is super exciting and had sales from them as well.

This data is proof that you have to tend to you your mobile site! Our mobile 3X as much as our desktop site.

This is the amount of revenue that has been generated from one-on- one session and digital sales. It does not include the revenue from an of my services.

$19k to go to reach my annual goal!

Goals For CSDM

Going forward, I would like to close out 2017 with 100K page views and $20K is sales in order to move on some of things I have planned for 2018! But I will keep you all posted!

Word of Advice

I share my analytics with everyone so you can really see what the behind the scenes is all about. Starting an online business is so much fun but it is a lot of work if you are trying to see immediate results. My data should not be a standard for you. Every online business will grow at it's own pace. Take this information and start tracking your progress in order to go harder and strive for better results going forward. It's all about making progress! If you have a question about any of the analytics shown here please contact me. I will be doing class on Google Analytics soon!


Brandy Kennedy

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