Website Wednesday: Queen Lifee Hair

Website Wednesdays is a day of the week dedicated to the star of your online business: Your website! Each Wednesday members of The Chyc Circle Facebook Group list their websites in efforts to network, show off their online real estate, and also possibly be featured on The Chyc Circle Blog. This week's Website Wednesday feature goes to: Queen Lifee Hair

I asked the CEO of, Monique Griffin, about her inspiration behind her online business and what her goals are for her online business and this is what she had to say:

"The inspiration behind me starting my hair company are my kids. I love how they are proud of me for having my own business and not just settling for a 9-5 job. I have two kids. My son is 12 years old and my daughter is 15 years , so they understand my love and passion for my business. I also love to look good at a affordable price of course lol. Since I was a child I loved getting my hair all done up by my mom and that is what gave me a feel of beauty and elegance. Me and my sister always got compliments on our hair all the way up to today, so it's always been in me to look good from head to toe. I always said I was a Queen and I would not take any BS from anyone. We are all Queens and when we step out in the world people should feel our presence. That's how I came up with my company: Queen Lifee Hair. Our slogan is "Are you living the Queen Lifee or are you just another pretty face?". Before I started my business I researched other hair companies and wanted to stand out and provide my customers with good quality products and services that they need. So I took that leap and believed in myself and Queen Lifee Hair was born. I started my company this year so my company is a newbie. My family motivates me so much to keep going and never give up.

What is Queen Lifee Hair? We are a brand that provides the everyday lady with top quality hair extensions at a affordable price. We all want to look good when we step out and we always want to shop smart , that's why our extensions are affordable. We have Brazilian Virgin Hair from one donor which last longer with less shedding and tangling. We want all Queens to look and feel your best. At the end of the day we want to provide our top quality products, services and exceptional customer service to our customers.

Be sure to check out Queen Lifee Hair!

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