The Art of Connecting Customers With Dope Brands

So how do you connect customers with dope brands? If you ask Chasity Mims, she was tell you it's all in the "strategy". This young, fashionable, and knowledgeable marketing professional is teaching her strategies to entrepreneurs all over the United States. Using her experiences in owning her own retail brand she helping other like minded business owner find their way and generate revenue online. She has join the Chick Inc. Movement to bring her vision full circle and reach the masses by offering her service via the internet and through social media. I was able to catch up with Chasity and talk marketing and more!

You’re professional moniker is “The Strategic Chick”, what is the message and meaning behind it?

I’m definitely “All things Marketing”. When branding my previous hair extensions company 4 years back, I used hash marketing to accumulate purchasing clients across the states via twitter, I used my friends to take photos with my products, which eventually opened up opportunities for them and me both, I built catchy slogans for users to remember, and I made sure everyone knew who Hairgeneticks down any social media platform, with strategic marketing campaigns. All of these things I did before there were real terms for it.

I strategically align myself and clients to produce results and generate sales, by helping provided strategically driven campaigns that increase engagement, and overall increase awareness of the brand as a whole, at my clients request.

Being the marketing in your area of expertise, how do you feel about new or aspiring online business owners handling their own marketing?

I think it is very important that business owners understand the ins and outs of their business, which I believe is very important in any business, and ultimately drive sales. Marketing requires business owners to dig deep to understand their target audience, but also the market their in, and value the journey.

What would be your advice to another woman who may be thinking of starting their own business and what are some steps you think they should take to get ready?

Walk by faith.

Plan it Out.

Do your research.

Take your time.

Breathe!, and understand that “slow and steady wins the race” and that you can not rush true greatness!

You have to invest, and reinvest, and invest again, as times change.

When it comes to marketing, what has been the best vehicle to get your message across and really draw in your audience? Social media, video, speaking engagements….

Social Media, is FREE and if implemented in the right way, has the opportunity to reach exactly who you need it reach. The process definitely takes time, but once it's been mastered, its clock work, and a beauty to see your brand grow.

What are you future goals for “The Strategic Chick” and how can people support your movement?

Ideally my goal, is to help people really take their brand to the next level. A lot times social media makes being a business owner look so easy, which explains why everyone is looking to be one. Nevertheless, I want to save owners from all the ins and outs, while also educating them along the way. My goal is to educate, while building brand awareness, and increasing sales for my clients.

I am definitely good at what I do, but ultimately I want to help others make their dreams come true.

Follow The Strategic Chick here and check our her website here.

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