Having Tunnel Vision Can Harm Your Growth

I I truly love coaching and meeting with new clients and helping them grow their businesses. My recent interactions have led to a discovery that many new entrepreneurs are honing in their vision in way that is shutting up other areas of their lives and other areas of their business. They suffer from tunnel vision.

I describe tunnel vision as the act of honing in or zeroing in a certain area of your business or maybe even your vision as a whole and ultimately tuning out everything else. I have had numerous conversations with people who sacrifice the bigger picture for what they perceive to be success as they see it today.

Having tunnel vision can leave you blind to things that you block out of your view. Being a successful entrepreneur will heavily rely on your ability to multitask, network, learn, and interact. In many cases, you will have to do all those things at once. Your journey will not always manifest as you plan it. Sometimes things with come faster or slower than you expected, so you should make sure that you are watching the bigger picture and not looking at your life and your business through binoculars. Here are a few ways having tunnel vision can harm your growth:

1. You won't be able to see opportunities approaching you from the outside of your bubble.

It's easy, especially with an online business, to just work work work from your home office and miss out on opportunities to grow as an entrepreneur and opportunities that could change or improve your business as a whole.

2. You limit your networking and building trust with other people who could help you in your journey. You don't want to be that person that only calls when they need help or advice. Make sure that even while you are building your business and brand that you are sowing into other people and their businesses. You never know who will be able to help later on. Relationships are one of the greatest resources in business. If you can't keep your professional relationships together because you feel you are too busy or honed in on what you have going on, you may have to pay for that in the future.

3. Your perspective will be skewed.

When you close off people and different situations you will lack experience and perspective which is how you view situations and people. Traveling along your journey with a skewed perspective is like walking inside a dim room with sunglasses on. You will most likely miss some key details and points that could contribute to your success.

4. You will be less likely to adapt to change.

If you are planning on building a business and/or brand that is going to be around for the next decade plus will have to be able to survive trend and technological changes. The only way to stay abreast of what's going on in the world is to be present in it. The internet cannot be your main source of what is happening in your industry. If it is, you will always be behind the curve and never ahead of it. The internet is only a piece of the puzzle. Be sure to keep an open mind to all things possible.

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