Website Wednesday: BTR Productions

Website Wednesdays is a day of the week dedicated to the star of your online business: Your website! Each Wednesday members of The Chyc Circle Facebook Group list their websites in efforts to network, show off their online real estate, and also possibly be featured on The Chyc Circle Blog. This week's Website Wednesday feature goes to: Queen BTR Productions

I asked the CEO of BTR Productions, Brittany Reese, about her inspiration behind her online business and what her goals are for her online business and this is what she had to say:

"My inspiration for my business comes from me finally founding a place where I could use all my gifts and not feel limited. In school, I only did photography because I was told my writing was too choppy, too stiff, and not engaging. As a child I loved writing poetry and picked it up again in my free time. Posting it on my social media it got a lot of traction and I realized people actually enjoyed my writing, and I had a gift. Finding my true calling, I ended up specializing in interpersonal communications and social media in grad school and worked in PR and Communications that really allowed my gift to flourish.

I found myself studying personal profiles and business profiles to see what was getting more engagement in my free time. I discovered a HUGE gap in the way people posted on their personal profiles and business profiles. I saw people with amazing personalities, posting really boring content on their business pages. Of course they weren’t getting engagement!

I love to show business owners how to bring the fun, magic, and creativity to their social media while still being true to their brand. Social media for business doesn’t have to be boring, stuffy, or impersonal. I show businesses how to bring the fun, magic, and creativity back to social media while still being true to their company. I’m in the business of helping businesses tell their brand story authentically.

My company, BTR Productions, creates magical social media plans and eye-popping content for small business owners. Everything tells a story. Demolish the idea that being professional means sending out boring content, and embrace what makes your company and or brand wonderful! BTRP's goal is to "Storytell your brand’s magic to life" through compelling and powerful way that gets their business noticed through social media plans and engaging content.

On May 12, my first ebook, "The Power of Social Media Magic: How social media can enhance your brand" goes on sale. Social media is an amazing group of networks that help us reach beyond our physical barriers. In “The Power of Social Media Magic: How Social Media Can Enhance Your Brand,” readers explore how changing their relationship with social media can potentially improve their personal brand, entice people to purchase their books, and can overall provides tips on developing a better understanding of social media for small businesses."

Be sure to check out BTR Productions here.

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