Website Wednesday: Bundles On A Budget

Website Wednesdays is a day of the week dedicated to the star of your online business: Your website! Each Wednesday members of The Chyc Circle Facebook Group list their websites in efforts to network, show off their online real estate, and also possibly be featured on The Chyc Circle Blog. This week's Website Wednesday feature goes to: Bundles on A Budget

I asked the CEO of Bundles on A Budget, Ms. Danyelle, about her inspiration behind her online business and what her goals are for her online business and this is what she had to say:

"My inspiration for creating Bundles On A Budget was to add another stream of income to my hairstyling and make-up artistry businesses. I know personally being a single mother of 2special needs children, money can be tight and you always want to look your best and be presentable. Let's be honest, we all love being us when our mane is in tact and on fleek so I had a vision where I could cater to the single mother on a budget and offer " Bundles On A Budget" so I contacted several wholesalers online and luck up on a great wholesale deal. I even told them about my pitch and they added 62 bundles of 12-inch hair (Brazilian) and 14 inches (Brazilian) for me to make a profit for FREE! I believe in GOD and once they told me this I thought was dreaming, I pitched myself and all I could say was GOD!!! You better show up and show out. Also in my wholesale order, I got 20 closures and 20 frontals so I retail those also on a consumer friendly budget

Once I got my wholesale package in the mail, I sat down separated all my lengths 12 inches to 30 inches. Then I logged on to Instagram and started scrolling and studying others whom also retailed 100% Exotic Virgin Hair and I found they were profiting but was lacking the consumer like myself the single mother. So my sales pitch turned into a full reality, I started retailing my hair at $40 to $75 a bundle and running occasional bundle deal specials that also include deals on closures and frontals.

After doing this research I went to my personal hairstylist got her to install me some of my bundles in my head I created several videos showcasing how the hair can curl, feel, smell and etc. I also reached out to a co-worker who is fly at designing flyers. She produces me an amazing flyer and content for my Instagram page.

I started Bundles On A Budget in Jan of this year and I'm still pressing on with this business venture total as of today I've made 9,820 and that's off of the FREE 62 bundles I was blessed with. Stepping into online retail was something I never thought about before but once I thought of a game plan as to "What" to retail. I love it and I'm not looking back or going to give up.

Outside of my Bundles On A Budget I also own a beauty bar called "Dany's Beauty Bar" in La Grange, Ga and coming soon I'll be opening one in Columbus, Ga. What has made the expansion possible is my faith in GOD and me wanting to achieve and serve those who are out here trying to be a great mother and conquer the world all while wearing Bundles On A Budget By Dany. Also, in the works is an E-Book on how to take $500 and flip it into 9K in 2 weeks. I love to give back and support others so occasionally I host raffles, games, and events where I donate my bundles, services and monetary to those in need. I'd also like to thank my clients greatly for the business and supporting me in all my endeavors. God Bless,

Be sure to check out Bundles on A Budget here.

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