How To Boost Your Posts On IG For Free

Make sure you are utilizing your hashtags properly on Instagram! Let me tell you the secret to getting your photos to the top post section: Increase engagement!

1. Post your photo and use up to 30 hashtags that directly correlate with your post.

2. Do not use the same 30 hashtags every time you make a post. This is counter productive. The point is to get impressions from accounts who do not normally see your posts. You will rake in new followers if you do this correctly.

3. Use text replacement to make switching out your hashtags hella simple.

4. Ask a question or create a call to action that will prompt your audience to leave a comment. The IG algorithm chooses top posts based on the amount of engagement in a certain amount of time. So if you have to make a post on another platform or text some friends and tell them to go like your post: Do that! New impressions, followers, likes, and comment equal more leads, more customers, and ultimately more money!

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