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Work/Life Balance + The Goddess In Us Project

Life is an amazing roller coaster full of ups and downs, but I can honestly say that I've been so blessed to be able to endure my hurdles and still come out of them wiser and better than before. I am utterly in love and obsessed with my business and the work that I do and one of the questions that I get asked often is how I balance it all.

It's simple, I prioritize and pray! I am a wife and a mother and those two titles come first. But in the same token, I don't let those titles limit me and hold me back from what I'm fully capable of. Just like any other mother, I cook and clean. I read stories to children and dance with them. I've learned to get help where I can and not feel guilty for it so that I have time for matters to me most, which is my family and business. So for me, if that means having someone come in and do the laundry so I can spend time with my family and complete all of my tasks for my business that is is what I will do. You have to figure out what will work in your household and what you are willing to delegate and sacrifice.

I recently did an interview with Gosh About! for their "Goddess In Us" project. I dished on how I discovered my power, regained my confidence, and what being a Goddess means to me! A special thank your Najaam Lee for reaching out to me for this amazing project!

Check out my interview below!

Read the full story here.

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