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More Than What Meets The Eye

At first glance, when you look at Kisha Griggs you see undeniable beauty and a style that would inspire any onlooker to embrace their sexy, but there is way more to this petite mogul in the making than her looks. As the CEO and creative director behind her growing beauty brand, 7 Fourteen Ten, she not only has a deep and inspiring story, she also has a brand that is one to watch! Her efforts to empower and help other women make her the home girl we all want to know and love, while the vision she has brought to life stands out and speaks for itself. I had the opportunity of picking her brain about what inspires her, marketing, and more...

As the creative director behind 7 Fourteen Ten, what fuels your creativity? What inspires your vision?

My passion for my brand and black girl magic fuel me daily. I love being able to see women wearing my hair & lashes with pride and grace. It makes my heart melt to be able to provide affordable luxury hair to my clients. I’m inspired by all the women that want to look amazing & not break the bank. Years ago, I was diagnosed with cancer and thank god, I was able to beat it. But all my hair came out and it was really hard for me. I never want another woman to be ashamed of not having hair. Starting in July my company will sponsor 1 woman with cancer and provide her with a custom wig. Also, A portion of every order placed with my company goes towards cancer research.

You’ve gone above and beyond to brand your product. What was the most difficult part of the branding process?

My brand is build off numbers I love numbers. 7 Fourteen Ten is actually a date July 14th, 2010. That was the day I launched my blog. That date is so near and dear to my heart I turned it into my new brand. I fell out of love with blogging about celebrity gossip but I always wanted it to still be with me. So that’s where I got the name from. So initially the name was the most difficult part and then it was the branding process for me because I had to eliminate some of my ideas. My mind is always running a mile a minute. I literally have branding ideas I write down daily. So, it was important for me to scale back and allow my brand to grow.

The hair & beauty industry is a billion dollar industry with plenty of competition. Your brand is thriving. How do you go about standing out and making an impression in a sea of hair companies?

Wow to tell you the truth Brandy this has been an ongoing process. I always make sure to stay true to my brand story. I picked my brand colors one by one, my packaging, and I was extremely hands on with my site. I make sure to attend events as much as possible. I put flyers on cars at the clubs, the mall, everywhere and I always make sure to pass out as many business cards as possible daily. I always wanted my business to thrive off referrals and amazing customer service.

What would be your advice to another woman who may be thinking of starting their own hair business and what are some steps you think they should take to get ready?

My advice would be DO IT! Don’t allow anyone to tell you how many hair companies are out or what you can or cannot do. I would say do your research and test out your product first. Make sure you have a passion for the hair business because you may not start off making a lot of money. But stay consistent with your knowledge and you will go extremely far. Second step would be to read as much as possible. I’m a book lover and it helps me tremendously. Pour yourself in knowing your product and becoming an expert. It’s so many types, textures, and grades of hair now a day. I would also say the most important part will be marketing for sure. Know your client and work your marketing around your ideal customer.

When it comes to marketing, what has been the best vehicle to get your message across and really draw in your audience? Social media, video, speaking engagements….

The best vehicle for marketing with my business is social media hands down. Instagram is BAE! I’m venturing out into video this month and I have a few speaking engagements later on this year that I’m so excited about.

What are your future goals for “7 Fourteen Ten” and how can people support your movement?

My future goals are to continue to build my beauty empire. We recently launched mink eye lashes, and hair accessories. We are so excited about our hair care line launching 3rd quarter of 2017. We also have a signature wig line coming soon. I have some big events coming up on JULY 14TH in Atlanta. We’re doing a bikini car wash for charity, toasting to more business, and feeding the homeless. I just want to make sure I’m able to give back. Since my business name is a date I want to make sure I give back and celebrate each year on that same date.

Be sure to check out 7 Fourteen Ten!

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