Started From The Bottom!

Now I'm here...

Well, I can’t say that I have completely “arrived” nor can I legitimately yell out, “Mama, I made it!” but I can certainly say that I have reached a level of momentum.

What’s sparked that belief, you may ask?

In November 2015, I started Think About It, LLC. as a timid entrepreneur that just wanted to help people, but I wasn't building attraction nor was I consistent in my delivery. Now in 2017, I've stepped out of my timidity and have focused on building content that drives interests and delivering a message that wins audiences. I can tell you that my ability to capture and engage significant attention has spawned over a short period of time. As a entrepreneur who also has a full-time corporate position, I have made it a priority to keep up with my brand enhancement and awareness.

Honestly, I’ve bought in to the idea of remaining consistent in my communication techniques. I often make mention on my social media posts on Instagram and Facebook about the need to remain consistent. As I reflect on the reasoning behind those posts, all I can think of is my continued need to grow my business. Although I face challenges everyday in my corporate position, I can’t allow those same challenges to hinder me from following through with my business and its associated needs. There once was a time where I allowed that to happen, but I quickly learned to push through! Not only that, but I have an audience and I am building clientele that needs daily engagement.

So, what do I do?

I follow through or continue to focus on maintaining a consistent message. I continue to always research communication practices and techniques. I continue to build content that pays. I continue to communicate with current and future clients. I continue to build strong contractual collaborative agreements and I continue to remain visible via social media, so that I do not lose my audience.

I have taken a winning approach to attaining my goals, and it has everything to do with how I prioritize my consistency.

Let’s complete an exercise, shall we?

Think of areas where you’ve lacked consistency in your verbal delivery, think of areas where you’ve totally missed the mark in your message, think of areas where you were misunderstood, think of areas where you improved, and identify what caused your improvement.

Once you are done thinking, submit your responses in the comments field below, for a chance to win a 1- hour Communications Coaching Session that strategically focuses on Consistent Communication.

JoVonne Walker is the owner of Think About It, LLC., a creative marketing communications company that focuses on assisting small businesses and entrepreneurs with their verbal marketing content needs. The services provided are proofreading, copywriting, and coaching. I look to empower others to present their best brand message, and ultimately win with their words. Visit her online at

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