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Marketing Lesson: Pretty Girls Like Trap Music

In an era where record sales are constantly dwindling and digital streaming seems to be the cash cow of selling music, there are always those few who can defy the odds and appeal to a market who no longer needs a tangible product to enjoy the fruits of the most popular artist's labor.

The latest marketing standing ovation goes to rapper 2 Chainz for his elaborate and well thought out marketing plan that has served his new album and body of work, "Pretty Girls Like Trap Music" well.

I was so intrigued by his genius marketing that i had to break it down and analyze the many marketing strategies that the veteran rapper used to catapult what he deemed what may be his best body of work yet.

So lets get to it!

1. He created a tribe using the title of his album.

So who wants to be left out of the "Pretty Girl" club? The album's title is a indirect call to action that any girl who wants to be in the in crowd would jump on. Not only did he create an instant tribe, he also complimented an entire demographic of women who like trap music . Women everywhere are hashtaging #prettywomenlovetrapmusic and you see all different types of women from all walks of life raising their hand to say "hey me too"!

2. His packaging followed up!

He hit the bullseye when he packaged his album and his entire media kit in pink, but most of all he stayed true to himself and his message by bringing it to life with the visuals. There is a photo of the alum cover with a Pyrex cup being used as a vase for pink roses...GENIUS!!! Dope boys and hip hop fans identify with the word "Trap" written in graffiti on the house and the Pyrex mixing cup...the women see that but it's the added visuals (the Pepto Bismal pink house and the roses in that Pyrex mixing cup) that pull in a new demographic.

3. He used influencer marketing!

2 Chainz new album has 16 new tracks and features 12 different recording artists. He took advantage of the notoriety of his featured artist and had them way in on different aspects of the album and it worked. On his Instagram , you can see artists like Gucci Mane and Yo Gotti weigh in on the album and give their stamp of approval.

4. The rollout a.k.a marketing campaign...

2 Chainz went above and beyond with his album rollout by collaborating with Spotify to bring his vision to life. He held his listening parties at a simulated "Trap House" that has become somewhat of a hip hop landmark. You will see different pretty girls all over Instagram posting up in front of the house for a photo op. He also opened a pop up "Pretty Girls Like Trap Music" themed nail shop where all of the nail designs were named after a track. The response was amazing!

So what can we take away from 2 Chainz genius marketing strategy? Mind your tribe and what appeals to them, collaborate with influencers and people who can add to your bottom line, and most importantly have a marketing campaign no matter how off the wall it. We have to think outside the box to stay relevant in a digital age where everyone is doing the same thing!

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