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Sensory Overload!

Last week I found myself scrolling Facebook, blogging, and working on a new product all in one sitting! And in that moment, I felt technologically overwhelmed, but business can't stop! So I decided to make some changes to dull my sensory overload and focus on what I need to see versus the sea of information and fluff! Believe it or not, everything we see and subject our minds has the ability to influence and distract us and for that reason, I think it is very important to weed out the information that we need versus all of the information that is presented day in and day out via social media and every where else that information is seeping into our brains.

Why this is important to recognize?

As online business owners we spend a lot of time "online". Whether it be doing research, marketing our businesses , creating content, or just surveying the market, that's alot of time online. We can't forget that there are so many other sources of information and experiences that should not be neglected.

Another reason managing your time online is important; human interaction. Not just with family and friends but truly networking within your market and more importantly, new markets. We've talked about the differences in owning an online business and owning a brick and mortar business and the biggest difference is human interaction. We can't forget that even in online business, those likes and comments are real people with real issues and lives. Recognizing that and learning our target market is so vital in marketing your online business and for you focus your energy on the interactions that matter versus those that don't.

Here are a few things I have chosen to do dull the white noise that silently deafens me at times:

1. Give yourself business hours. Even if you work a 9-5 and your online business is your side hustle assess what it will take for you to reach your goals. Wake up a hour or two earlier or go to bed a hour or two later but set some boundaries on how long you will spend working on your online business.

2. Filter the content you take in. Facebook is notorious for causing me sensory overload. As I scroll, I see pictures of my friends' kids, birthday wishes, people taking trips, some business, events...and sometimes it's just too much! I have really decided that social media for me needs to be either personal or business. My real friends have my direct contact information so I'm choosing to use social media my way.

3. Have a day or two out of the week with no social media or a "phone free" day. It's simple...enjoy life without a phone in your hand. The ultimate reason this is important to me is because it's when I feel free of clutter that I feel most creative. This is when I can create the best products and think clearing. You may be different, buy hey...I'm the blogger today lol...

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