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I sat on a panel with Londyn, CEO of Polish Pieces Luxury Hair Extensions, a few months ago and I was fortunate to get a chance to learn more about her and her brand! Londyn launched her luxury brand in 2016 and is experiencing new found success and freedom of entrepreneurship. I had a chance to interview her about her brand and talk about marketing and her future goals!

Polished Pieces LLC, is a Luxury Hair Extensions company established in 2016 by Londyn, we provide our clients with the top of the line authentic virgin hair and exceptional customer service. Londyn’s brand, “Polished by Londyn” is where Polished pieces was curated. She is a licensed cosmetologist, certified lash artist and image consultant here in Atlanta, GA. Londyn works with a well-diverse clientele specializing in hair for television, video, magazine print, fashion, photo shoots and more. Londyn’s personal goal is to grow and expand her brand, while excelling within her craft. As a result of her love & passion within the beauty industry her personal goals is to continuously enhance her clients confidence, daily appearance and boost their self-esteem. The “motto” is to leave every client feeling POLISHED!

Many of my readers aspire to start their own business, many of them are hair stylists. How did you get into selling hair?

Honestly, I used google to find my overseas hair vendors. I spent a lot of time researching and dug deep. I search different international trade shows in Cambodia, India, and even China and found out which vendors were there promoting/selling products. I even found private labeling companies that offered lashes, edge control flat iron and etc. but it took a lot of boring days researching.

Many aspiring entrepreneurs struggle with the decision to quit their jobs and jump head first into entrepreneurship, what was your experience with becoming a full time entrepreneur?

My experience with quitting my full-time job with great pay, benefits, +commissions LOL, was made because I was uncomfortable with a change in my jobs management/employees. It wasn’t planned, one day after being frustrated I just walked out and never looked back. My honest opinion would be making sure you’re prepared financially, mentally and physically. Take your time, plan, research and strategize your brand before quitting. Once being in business for (1-2 years) and your business is financially stable, you could now put yourself on payroll and you can now work for yourself and be your own BOSS.

Your website looks amazing! What was the inspiration behind your brand?

My inspiration behind my brand was my love and passion for all things glam. I wanted to not only do clients lashes and hair but also provide them with quality hair extensions for all ethnicity.

What advice would you give to other hair stylists who are eager to start generating revenue online?

Any hair stylist looking to generate revenue online I would say GO FOR IT! Make sure your brand is glamorous, ”girls love pretty things” it should be eye-catching by every woman no matter the age or ethnicity.

How has social media, speaking engagements, and features impacted your business? Which one do you use the most?

I use social media to promote my brand the most. However, always be a walking billboard. I get compliments everyday and I exchange those compliments with business cards and flyers. Being apart of events also allow me to network with a variety of people. You never know who would love to support or promote your brand for you. Network!

What are some steps you think any woman that is looking to start her own business should take to get ready?

Before starting any business, you should mentally and physically prepare yourself for long hours, disappointments, delays, consistency. If you aren’t built to run your business the business will run you!

Thus far, what has been the biggest lesson you have learned in running an online business?

My biggest lesson is “not having product in stock. I like to know what I’m shipping out before sending it. One of my vendors once sent me the wrong hair and I was so frustrated because it already took 3 days to receive my shipment and then had to return for correct product. That was a bad business choice because my customers who already ordered had a delay on their orders or had to take what I had because they had plans. I issued refunds and percentage off…so my business lost money from one simple bad decision. Sell what you have!

What are you future goals for “Polished Pieces” and how can people support your movement?

My future goals is to add a Luxury wig line to my website using Polished Pieces Extensions. Coming 2017 Early 2018 and furthermore a Hair salon & Boutique

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