Are You A Digital Entrepreneur?

What a time to be alive! The hustle is still around but times have changed! Digital entrepreneurs are a new breed of entrepreneurs that are doing more with less! All we need is a laptop and some wifi! Here's a few ways to determine if you've joined the club:

(1) You have mastered or are learning how to create engaging content for your brand/business.

(2) You've figured out that social media engagement is the difference between bill money and making a random sale here and there.

(3) You have a brand/business that connects with people on an emotional level.

(4) You are an effective communicator.

(5) You have a clear vision.

(6) Technology doesn't scare or overwhelm you.

(7) You adapt well and you don't fight change.

(8) You are creative.

(9) you know that age, lack of training, and experience doesn't determine your level of success.

(10) You don't quit, you just go harder!

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