When Style Meets Grace! Meet The Closet Consultant...

The fashion industry is filled with aspiring stylists and fashion lovers. As with every field, there are stars just waiting to be discovered. Creative director and EIC of The Closet Consultant, Shannan Allen, is one of those people! Her impeccable style, fashion sense, determination, and love for empowering women has quickly set her apart from her peers and solidified her as "one to watch"! I had a chance to talk to her about her inspiration, marketing and more!

As a stylist, you work with women on their outer appearance and their overall confidence. How have been able to take your love for fashion and styling online to create an online presence?

I really focused on what I knew most women struggled with when it comes to dressing and I use my social media platform to provide them with style tips and how to's. I use those pain points and create useful content and resources that can help them with developing their personal style.

Many aspiring entrepreneurs struggle with the decision to quit their jobs and jump head first into entrepreneurship, what was your experience with becoming a full time entrepreneur?

For me it was all about being obedient and trusting God's timing on when to take that leap of faith. Once I knew when I was leaving my job I planned out the amount I needed for my expenses along with the start-up cost for my business and saved faithfully for two years to reach my goal. I was blessed to not only have any debt, but to have a great support system. I think it's important to be realistic about your situation and have a plan before you just up and quit your job, unless you can afford to do that.

Your blog, The Closet Consultant, is growing in reach and engagement. What advice would you give to other bloggers who are eager to get started and build a reputable brand?

I would tell them to first know why they want to blog. Once you know your why you need to know who you're writing for. Know your target audience and create content that they want to read. Also, you must be consistent, this is key if you want to build a reputable brand that people want to engage with.

As a blogger, you interact and meet female all over the world. How has social media, speaking engagements, and features impacted your business?

It definitely has been a game changer for me. Most of my connections have been through my interactions with women through social media. I've built not only a networking community but also real relationships have been developed. Networking along with being genuine is crucial, it has opened doors I never thought would be possible.

What would be your advice to another woman who may be thinking of starting their own online business and what are some steps you think they should take to get ready?

My advise would be to really know that what you want to do is your passion and that if money wasn't involved you still would have that same desire to do it. If money is the only thing that drives you for starting a business you won't be passionate or successful in what you do. Some steps I would suggest is to have a business plan prepared, know how much it's going to take to get your business started and plan ahead. Also talk to someone who's already doing what you want to do and asking them to be your mentor to help to give you some sound advise and guidance during your beginning stages.

Your brand is fueled by your passion for wanting to make your clients feel good about themselves, what do you feel is the greatest reward of empowering other women?

The greatest reward is knowing that I helped someone feel confident in who they are and the smiles on their faces when they look in the mirror and see that inner beauty shine on the outside because they look and feel good about themselves.

What are you future goals for “The Closet Consultant” and how can people support your movement?

My future goals are to provide products in the form of e-books giving guides on how to style that will be accessible on my website along with starting a YouTube channel. I'm also planning on opening a women's online clothing boutique in the beginning of the new year of 2018, so be on the look out for that!

Check out The Closet Consultant here

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