How To Make Progress When You Are Feeling Lost

Sometimes we wonder why we haven't seen the progress we want to see when trying to reach a goal. The answer could be as simple as just focusing harder. To some that may seem to simple, but alot of time we don't realize how distracted we are so here are few things to consider when trying to get shit done.

1. Put down your phone.

I have to remind myself of this all of the time. Our phones can be so distracting because there is almost always a million and one things to take our attention away from what we are really supposed to be doing.

2. Write a list.

There are only a few people in the world with super human memory so write it down and prioritize while you are at it. Also, goals written down on paper are more likely to be met than goals that are not written down.

3. Cut off people who are a constant distraction.

You know those people, they are always the one to pull you away from your work or task only to help you waste your time. Save those people for a friday night of fun but not for productive hours of the day.

4. Just start.

Stop putting off today what can be done today! Planning is great and necessary, but at some point you must start in order to ever finish.

5. Don't compare yourself to someone ahead of you.

Your journey is your journey.

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