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Black Friday Is Over...Now What?

Congratulations! You made it through one of the busiest and lucrative times of the year for an online business owner...but wait there's still work to be done! The monumental selling event was the perfect test of your digital marketing skills. Follow through by analyzing your performance to see what areas you can improve on and expound on! There will be greater later!

Chyc Studio Google Analytics Data, 11/29/2017

Black Friday always proves to be when my website gets the most activity every year! Why...because for me it is the campaign that I prepare for the most. Check out how I prepare here. But what comes after your campaign is equally important. In order to analyze your digital marketing campaign and it's performance you must have some kind of system in place to capture the data. Google Analytics is my go to because it's free lol and it is the most accurate data collection system I have worked with. Learn how to connect your website to Google Analytics here.

So most of my clients are lost when they log on to see their data for the first time. Knowing what to look at will help you adjust your marketing efforts for your next campaign to get your desired results.

Your Google Analytics home screen will give you a snapshot of your daily performance and compare it to your last 7 days of operation. It will give you percentages that represent increase or decrease in activity and events.

Events are user interactions with content that can be tracked independently from a web page or a screen load i.e. sign ups, subscriptions, purchases, etc.

So your goal is to be green across the board. Most likely, if you are you will see completed events aka more subscribers and more sales!

If you see green across the board, it means you increased your amount of visitors and website users (those who actually completed an event i.e. subscribed to your mailing list or made a purchase), you decreased your bounce rate which means your visitors came to your site with a purpose and your targeted the right audience, and your session duration increased which means you have content, products, services that kept their attention!

If you seen an increase in your visitors but not in website users and your bounce rate increased or had little to no change and session duration had no change. This means that you amped up your marketing and succeeded but your efforts weren’t targeted enough to push your visitors down your conversion funnel. Keep your efforts and niche down your target and you will see the sales increase! Some progress is still progress.

If you seen little to no activity and you didn't have many completed events, you need to assess why. If you didn't reach your overall goal, ask yourself the following questions:

1. What advertising methods did you have in place?

2. Did you create content specific to your campaign?

3. Did you give yourself enough time to promote your campaign?

4. Did you properly price your merchandise/services to sell more volume and to earn a profit?

5. Did you utilize social media? If so what did you do differently than normal?

6. Did you plan out your marketing campaign?

7. Did you receive engagement/feedback?

8. Did you research your industry/market before launching your campaign?

In the future, make it a habit to step back and analyze your marketing efforts for every campaign. Give yourself enough time to effectively run your campaign and to collect data in order to improve your next campaign. Stop shooting in the dark and be diliberate with your marketing efforts and watch the wins flow! Good luck Chyc Entrepreneurs!

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