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Free Marketing & Branding Bootcamp!

I'm so excited about the Build With Brandy Boot Camp, I can hardly contain it!

So let me tell you why you NEED to sign up for this 7 series boot camp...it's simple. I want all of my Chyc Entrepreneurs to truly understand the importance of digital marketing and how it works.

In this 7 series boo tcamp you will learn all about digital marketing: the basics, do's and don'ts, how to market and brand your online business. We will be diving into 7 key areas that every online business needs to address to create a lucrative and influential online presence!

So what's the catch and why is this boot camp FREE? Well, that too is simple. I'm looking for clients that are ready to invest their time, energy, and money into their brands and before we can even get down to what it is you need to do that is specific to YOUR brand, you need to have some level of understanding of what digital marketing is and how it works. By offering this boot camp at no charge I believe there will be some light bulbs that go off and some Chyc Entrepreneurs who are really ready to work!

There is no reason to go into 2018, wishing and hoping for the success that you just need to work for and sometimes that work starts with educating yourself, so why not do it for FREE!!


While your hear check out The Chyc Circle blog to get tips and info on online business, social media tricks, and more!

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