What Makes You Different Than All The Other Marketing Coaches?

Yesterday I was minding my business literally, when I heard a ding that notified me that someone had slid in my DM lol. It was a young lady inquiring about my web design fees and coaching services. I usually get any where from 5-10 inquires a day on IG so I was used to the barrage of questions about what it is I do and what I have to offer my clients. But this young lady asked me a question that left me thinking all day about my services and offerings.

She asked me, "What makes you different than all of the other marketing coaches on IG right now?"

I thought on it and decided who better to share it with than my Chyc Circle! So let's get into it!

Well first of all (lol) I don't consider myself a marketing coach. My passion is building websites. In the last year, I've learned that most business owners know that they are supposed to have a website but a lot of them don't quite know what to do with their website or how to use it generate revenue and I do! So I am able to build my clients a great website and then coach them on how to use it and earn money with it.

So many of my clients are real hustlers. They can make money in their sleep figuratively speaking, but they lack the understanding of how to actually make money in their sleep. We all know there are a million ways to earn a dollar and online business is no different. I don't knock the hustle, I just expound on the fact that sometimes working harder means learning how to work smarter. That means understanding how you market your brand, how you present your brand, and how you execute your money making activities.

My clients are getting a 2 for 1 deal. I have 5+ years of experience in online business. I know how to turn a profit on tangible products and now after launching Chyc Studio in Feb 2017, I can advise on turning a profit selling digital products and services as well.

As a web designer, I approach my clients' web design differently than most. I'm not just focused on a visual concept. I focused on creating a functional site as it pertains to sales, data collection, and marketing.

For example, my latest web design client came to me for a landing page for her upcoming online boutique launch. As a web designer, I could easily have put together a visually pleasing landing page that she would have loved and been done with it, but I didn't just stop there. I wanted to know what her plans were with the landing page and how could we create something that would not just look good but serve her marketing campaign and create some engagement and some rapport between her and her future customers and we did just that. I included some data collecting elements and some custom messages for those who do engage with her website.

My over all goal with my web design clients is to see them be successful on launch day! I never want to see a client have a beautiful website that isn't serving it's purpose or covering it's own overhead. I believe that online business is a huge untapped market for a lot of entrepreneurs in small business. Whether my client has a brick and mortar business or an solely online business, I want to ensure that they are making money; simply put.

I challenge you to figure out what it is that sets you apart from others in your industry!

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