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New Algorithms, New Methods!

There has been so much talk about the new changes to FB algorithm. I want to show you all some receipts and add my piece.

1) You need eye-catching, attention grabbing, valuable content!!

2) Get your budget together because these ads are not going to pay for themselves. I spent $44 on ads between Dec 1st and today (see the results below)

3) Create a social media marketing system. Every morning I wake up and analyze (edit or make changes) the results of all my ads, invite new friends and those who have engaged with my page to like my page, and I work on new content for future ads.

4) Post less and engage more! This is hard because I love my social media life lol. But even on IG I will no longer be posting daily so that I have time to go post comments, like other's posts, and build relationships online. Sometimes less is more! I've seen a major growth in engagement and a consistent growth in my following in the last two week since intentionally operating that way.

----> MOST IMPORTANT 5) I DIG INTO FACEBOOK PIXELS. Look thinks are changing. You have to get education on these platforms and how they work. Facebook pixels connects to your website and follows a user from the post like ALL THE WAY down the sales funnel as far as they travel. AH-MAZ-ZING!! So not only can see if your ads are getting likes, impressions, and engagements--- you can see if these guys are really turning a profit OKAY and that my friend is the goal!!

Learn more and set up Facebook Pixels here.

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