Quick Facebook Ads Tips!

I had a reader ask: How do I know what content to use for Facebook Ads or what posts to boost?

My answer: Boost posts that are getting good organic engagement.

But let's go a little deeper!

(1) Now...the the key word in that statement is "good". If your average video, live, or photos gets 10 likes or views and you have one that gets 15 views organically, even though that is only a difference of 5 likes or views it is performing better than the majority of your content...so run with it! If it is getting more attention that normal that is a great indication that you have posted something that is what your audience wants to see or hear.

(2) The next key factor is making sure you know your audience. Don't run your ad without pinpointing the people that you want to reach. Never run ads without specifying demographics, interests, and the geographical location.

(3) Be intentional with your ads. Ask yourself what you want to get out of it. Make sure there is a clear call to action and that you make it as simple as possible for people to answer it meaning that your links take people straight to your products, event, or your page.

(4) Test your content first. Post it on your personal and business page to see how it does organically. Create focus groups and ask for feedback. You are paying Facebook to put your content in front of more people. If your content is not good or not being put in front of the right people you will not get the engagement that you are ultimately hoping for.

(5) Don't be afraid of being in the red with engagement on social media. Your business page and your website views will vary depending on your marketing and advertisements. You can have less views and make more money and vice versa. The goal is not to have 1,000 viewers and 0 buyers OKAY! All engagement isn't loud...some is silent and green (MONEY) 😜

See below on how I spent $16.90 in the last 7 days and made $152 from 2 targeted ads.

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