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Check Your Circle!

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, reflecting, and meditating as to who and what I let influence me. 

The one thing that is tricky about another person’s mindset is that you can’t always see or understand it in the beginning, but over time one’s mindset manifests into progression, tangible and intangible harvests, success (though subjective), and a level of peace and happiness. - Look around 👀 at the people you continuously talk to, spend time with, and that you let influence you.

- Are they living a life similar to what you want or actively and aggressively working towards it?  

-  What have they achieved? - Are the givers or takers?

- Are they practicing what the preach when no one is looking? - Are they happy? - How is their progress? - Have they done what they kept saying they were gonna do?

We’re in an age where transparency is cloudy and people only reveal what they can stand to face in their own lives. Watch out for looking up to or linking up with people who can’t truly contribute to where it is you’re supposed to go and who it is you’re supposed to be. Just pay attention. Video cred: @syaridakid