Instagram Takeover: 1 Billion Users + IGTV

According to The Morning Brew, Instagram's stock is steadily rising, $203 per share to be exact. Instagram's user count has risen to over 1 billion users since it's release back in 2010 which I believe will surpass Facebook within the next 2 years. Instagram is owned by social media tycoon, Mark Zuckerberg who also owns:

  • Facebook: 2.19 billion monthly active users

  • WhatsApp: 1.5 billion

  • Messenger: 1.2 billion.

The future of Instagram is only growing and with the rollout of IGTV, the possibilities are ENDLESS. IGTV which seems to upcoming rival to Google's YouTube platform will give IG influencers more of a platform to share content in a long content in the form of 15-second to 60-minute vertical and full-screen videos in 4K. The new and highly anticipated feature will be available in a standalone app and through the use of the Instagram according to TechCrunch. There are also talks about longer Insta Story recording times as well.

So what does this mean for you, The Chyc Entrepreneur, well...if you haven't been focused on content, get READY! You've heard me say it before: Marketing is King and content is Queen. Innovative, valuable, and eye catching content is going to rule in the coming years when it comes to building a brand using the Instagram platform. So if you are behind, you are going to fall even more behind if you don't catch this tech wave.

You have about 3 seconds to engage your audience on Instagram and to complete with the other 1 billion accounts that easily bombard your possible clients and customers. Going forward, along with content creation, engagement is going to be key! Take that same concept from Facebook and start engaging with people that you don't know the same way you do those same 5000 friends that you talk to day in and day out.

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