Who Is Your Ideal Client/Customer?

Killing yourself to appeal to the masses can leave you overworked and underpaid. Have you heard the saying "Niches get riches?" It's true. Define your target market and your ideal client by pinpointing the areas below: Who is she? The Chyc Entrepreneur is an entrepreneur who is set on building a brand, not just making a sale. She wants her brand to stand out and above the rest. She wants to invest in herself and her brand. She knows that how she markets and positions her brand and products is vital to her success! What is she willing to invest? The Chyc Entrepreneur is willing to initially invest $500-$1k on making sure her brand is not only visually appealing but has a fully functional digital system in place to generate website and social media traffic along with consistent and sustainable online revenue. What are her characteristics? The Chyc Entrepreneur is a millennial entrepreneur who is empowered, fashionable, and tech savvy. She ready to learn while also able to apply lessons through innovation and an "outside of the box" view on her brand. What industries does she operate in or frequent? The Chyc Entrepreneur is well versed in the fashion, hair, and beauty realm. She is always for women empowerment and bettering herself. She could also be a consultant or speaker. Learning who is for you and who isn't will help you better serve those clients who are just the right for your products and services. It will also help you stop wasting time with those that aren't quite the right fit.

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